One of your biggest financial investments of your working holiday will be getting your plane tickets to your destination. If you traveling to LONG distances, theres a good chance that those tickets aren't going to be cheap. But of course, there are always flights that are cheaper than others so you just need to do some price comparisons between fares that are available to get a good deal.

One method that we use to find a good deal is to compare prices between the different search engines. While a flight from Sydney to Toronto may cost AU $1,200 on one site, it can show up as AU$ 1,100 on another. Another trick to use is to also break down long distance trips into smaller connecting trips. For example, If you were to fly from Wellington to Vancouver, and your search results show flights that have layovers in Singapore, try to look for separate flights from Wellingotn to Singapore and then Singapore to Vancouver. Make sense? Sometimes you can find deals for one leg of the trip which will end up in a smaller overall flight expense when booking two tickets rather than one continuous booking. Some major airport cities around the world that serve as common international connections for long distance trips include:

  • Berlin

  • Dubai

  • Singapore

  • Bangkok

  • Hong Kong

  • Seoul

  • Kuala Lumpur

  • London

  • Beijing

  • Toronto

  • Los Angeles

  • New York

When planning your flight, try seeing what a flight costs from your closest city to one of these major cities and then see what a ticket costs from that city to your final destination. You might be surprised how much money you can save in an overall ticket. When searching for tickets, we recommend using some the search engines. Play around with different scenarios and try breaking up your flight into multiple legs to see what different fares come up. Or if you want to see a few new countries on your way to your working holiday, why not take a layover for a day or two somewhere exotic?

Disclaimer - Everything changes over time and so can the information mentioned within. Always consult official sources regarding visa requirements and travel to another country. This is not an official source.